Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks world

In the past month I have received emails, phone calls, yarn, massages, candy, and numerous other gifts of support, both material and non-material. It has been so amazing to me the sheer volume of people that have reached out to us and given us tokens of support. May those tokens be gifts to cheer us up or actual job leads and networking contacts. People have volunteered to watch the kids so I could work and Bob could job hunt. Friends have dropped by meals, just cuz. We have had unemployment suppers with our other unemployed friends, and because of that, are starting to make new friends.

There are so many people praying for us, both friends and folks we have never met, it is amazing. The power of G-Ds will is mind boggling. Like tulips pushing through the hard ground in spring, I feel the power of things that are good, pushing through the bad. Eventually, those tulips have to blossom, and we have to end the uncertainty.

Our kids have embraced our new financial situation with great creativity. It is amazing the things these kids have figured out how to do for free. They are worried and scared, but for the most part, everyone is pitching in.

So, I know I am greedy, but please keep the support coming, and PLEASE, send us a job. We try and pay it back in ways we can right now, and totally admit we haven't been so good at paying it forward. We will get better. But, for now, thank you world for the help! Thank you for slowing the kicking down so that we can catch our breath!

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