Monday, August 16, 2010

No Failure Zone

If you could do anything, anything at all what would you do?  Failure isn't an option, this anything you want to do, you can't fail at it.  So here is the question, if you could do anything, you are guaranteed not to fail, what would you do?

I have been marinating on that question for a while now.  What would I do?  The two ideas that I keep coming back to are, open a brick and mortar yarn store and write a book.

I think the yarn store thing is not hard to imagine.  I have a yarn store-in-training in my basement.  I love to knit, and for the most part, knitting saved me during the black year.  During the year when everyone was crazy and I had to keep picking up all the pieces, but no one would pick up my pieces.  You remember.  Because of that, I will always have a soft spot for yarn and all things fibery.  Opening a yarn store would enable me to be in my happy place all the time and share that salvation with others. 

Why don't I do it?  Well, because a huge percentage of retail stores fail.  Failure means that I will lose a lot of money.  We are not in a position to loose a lot of money.  So what keeps me from doing this is failure and a small amount of laziness.  The amount of time and energy I would have to invest into such a venture is also beyond my availability right now.

Being a writer?  Who knows about that.  Perhaps maybe.  It sure would be nice to know I wasn't going to fail, but the cost of failure isn't that great.  I think about it from time to time.

What would you do, if you knew you wouldn't fail?

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