Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Interview

So, Mr. Lang, can you please tell me about the highlights of your past year?  For starters, I have been a student teacher, and I am pretty sure I can read what you are writing over your shoulder.  

I guess this means I don't need to read it to you?  Yes, Mom, I am 10.

Other than being a student teacher, any other big moments in your 9th year?  Ummm...  I only have 7 years at Hogwarts.

I am not sure what Hogwarts has to do with anything?  Harry Potter is awesome.

Mr. Lang, we are discussing your 9th year... I told you Hogwarts only has 7 years.

Alright, so, as you embark on double digits, any special plans?  Yes, to blow up the school... but save all the teachers.

Great, so now we need to phone the police.  No we don't, they were here last night and I told them I didn't do it.

That was not the police, but Fish and Wildlife.  Perhaps the fish are in touch with the FBI.

Mr. Lang, I do not advise starting your 10th year with a felony charge.  Do you have any other plans?  Or do you need a time out?  Umm.... ummm... hmmmm....stop writing everything I say.

It is an interview Mr. Lang, I am supposed to write what you say, if you don't want me to write it don't say it.  This is sort of a comedy isn't it?  Why yes it is.

Back to the question about your plans for the future.  I plan to train really hard for soccer.

Sounds like a good goal.  Yes, I will be scoring goals.  I hope you have a good birthday.  Thank you Mr. Lang for your time. Stop calling me that, I want to be Mac.  I haven't turned in my student teacher pass.

This concludes our interview with the birthday boy.


  1. LOL! Hilarious! I love "that wasn't the police! That was Fish And Wildlife!"