Monday, August 23, 2010


This weekend we went to Moline.  Where is that you ask?  It is in the middle of a corn field.  To get there from here, you have to drive south through the flat lands.  There is nothing between here and there, other than corn.  Still can't picture where it is?  Here is a hand map provided by the Moline Chamber of Commerce.

Please note how the Quad Cities, which includes Moline and THREE other cities is supposedly bigger than oh, I don't know, Chicago?  See how their sphere of influence is so great it covers multiple states?  Some how, I don't think there is truth in advertising here.  Moline is a small town.  It is on the map only because John Deere is headquartered there.

Why did we go to Moline?  To see a concert.  But wait, don't I live in the big city, can't I see it there without driving through the corn?  Yes, yes I could.  But the cost of the event in the big city was MORE than the cost of driving to Moline, spending the night in a hotel and seeing the concert.  We also got to see the concert from floor seats that were about 10 rows back. 

Did I mention there was a hotel stay involved with all of this?  I love to get away from the kids for an evening and Bob and I haven't been away together in 3 years.  It was a nice break from our routines and a lovely way to celebrate 14 years of marriage.  The fact that a hotel stay was involved is very important.  You will understand soon.

Who did we see you ask?  Well stay tuned for the answer for that question and more. 

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