Saturday, August 14, 2010

Got Bats?

When we go outside, we are assaulted by the heat.  It is hot and humid.  Once you are over the heat, you are attacked by mosquitoes.  The mosquitoes are so bad, I am seriously considering a bat house.

First, lets discuss the heat.  Chicago has broken the record for consecutive days over 80 degrees.  The area has also broken records for number of days over 90.  In our household, we have had the air conditioning on almost everyday.  I have a love hate relationship with the a/c.  I love to have it when it is really hot, but I sure hate to pay for it.  This year, well lets just say we have paid for to cool the house than to heat it.

Now, as it goes, the mosquito population is also at a record high.  The worst infestation in 20 years.  The mosquitoes are so bad, that they buzzing in your ears drowns out the birds.  We were outside doing a little weeding in the "cool" of the afternoon and we were all so bady eaten, that we looked like we had some strange pimply disease.  Sam's legs swelled, Hannah's shoulders were dimpled with spots on uneaten flesh and the rest of us, just sat on our hands trying not to scratch.

This of course has lead to a lot of discussion about the natural predators of mosquitoes.  They happen to be bats, who eat 600 to a 1000 insects a night.  But, we don't have any bats.  It was an evening activity to watch the bats in Connecticut, but here in the city, no bats.  I laughed at the bat houses, now I long for one. 

Till then, I hide in my house and use chemicals.

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  1. I know what you mean! When I take the dogs outside in the morning, for five minutes, I come back looking like mosquitos had a feast on me! I think it might be partly because of all the rain lately. Our backyard flooded twice, probably turning it into a breeding ground for the little devils!