Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dishrag Tag

Last year, when the teams went up for DishRag tag (yes, a knitting thing) I was discussing the state of my underwear.  I was complaining that I didn't have very nice underwear (meaning it was old and ratty), and because Bob was out of work, I couldn't afford to replace my undies.  Things had reached a breaking point with them, and lets just say, if the coroner saw them, s/he would be appalled.

Everyone on my new team for DishRag tag will be happy to know, that my husband is now gainfully employed.  I have replaced most of my undies, so if I should drop dead, the coroner were to see them my mother would not be shamed.  I even replaced the bras. 

I point all of this out, to note that things have changed in the past year.  My lead post when the teams went up was me talking about babysitting 3 kids, adding to my own to make 6.  I shared that it was a crazy day, as one would expect.  My teammates will think that I am a sort of normal person.  They won't be concerned, as my last teammates were, that I was a little nutty.

Frankly, we just can't have that.  My team came in 3rd last year.  We could have won if someone wasn't worried about germs being transmitted in the mail.  Like all good athletes, tradition is important.  Last year I shared about my underwear and things went well.  So, it is lucky to share about the state of my undies. This year, things will go well.

Oh, I would also like to point out that I am not totally crazy, but perhaps a bit nutty.  I am responsible (someone did trust me with their 3 kids a swimming pool), I always do what I say I am going to do, and I got my dishrag out the day it came in.  I took it to the late night drop and it went out that same day.

Do with that what you will.  I am off to sharpen my needles.


  1. Good luck! I know how deadly those needles of yours can be!

  2. I know the feeling about not being able to buy yourself new undies... I'm kinda in that boat now! God forbid I get hit by a car!