Tuesday, August 17, 2010

14 years ago

14 years ago, I got up and took a shower.  Then a couple of my friends took a shower.  In the process of getting everyone bathed, we flooded the bathroom, causing a water feature to form in my mother's dinning room.  My mother was a bit stressed out at that point, so we cleaned it up and never told her about it.

My brother took Bob and his best man to my other brother's house to change, and they spent so much time chit chatting and looking around they were late to arrive at the party.  We had to call them to find out if they were planning on coming, or was I being stood up.

My Dad walked around in his silver tux, shiny and proud.  He wore his hat, drank a sprite and told everyone he was the father of the bride.  My Dad told me if I was stood up, we would still have one hellva party and then he would hunt Bob down and kill him.

14 years ago today, I married my best friend.  It is strange to say that, because when I married him he wasn't my best friend, but he is now.  So many of my friends are unhappily married or divorced, but we seem to still like each other.  I think this bodes well for the future.


  1. Happy belated anniversary! It's so nice to hear that you're so happy together, especially after the rough times you've been through.