Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Santa is still a Bigot

It is the 1 year anniversary of the Santa is a Bigot post.  A lot has changed since I wrote that little doozie of a post that sparked a fire storm of hatred.  There are people, then when they see will not even speak to me still.  I say, pox on their house!

I have blogged about the transition away from the MOMS Club, no need to re-hash that now.  But, I do think that it is an important message for people to consider as they start to turn their thoughts towards the holidays.  There are many people in this melting pot of a country that do not celebrate December the same way as the majority.

It is a time where if you do anything different than the masses, your relegated to a lesser position.  Everyone will wish you a Merry Christmas, ask  your kids what Santa is bringing them without regard to the fact that they might be offensive.  It seems that going along with this assault is expected, because you don't want to rain on the parade.

So, as I brace myself for another round of holiday madness; write the letters/emails to the kids teachers telling them that it isn't ok, or legal, to have my kid count down the days until Christmas, I wonder, is there a better way?  Perhaps we should all wear little pins that identify you so everyone know what to say.  (Seriously, just kidding, I realize that there is great consequences to such a thing, so calm down.)

I have re-read the Santa is a bigot post many times, and the ones that followed.  I stand by them.  I truly believe that either Santa is a bigot or he is a religious tradition.  Not a popular position, but there you have it.

We watched Linus sit in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin.  My kids appreciate the story, because they too wish there was a pumpkin that brought treats for ALL children and not just some.  We talked about how Linus was really a visionary, not just a confused child.

There will be more on this, because it will be hard for me not to rant about it.  Living in Bill Graham central, it is not really ok to be different.   So, brace yourself, it may be a bumpy ride.

HOLIDAYS... Bring it!

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