Monday, November 29, 2010

December Goals

Aack, December is upon us!  I did a ton of knitting in November, and I am excited to share it with everyone.  But, for now, it is time for the December Goals:

*Sunburned Sheep Socks
*Snake River Socks

Sweater for Sam

Start baby gift for one of my many pregnant friends.

Actually do something on my blanket, which has been sitting in a bag completely unloved for months.

I think that is pretty doable.  I am going to have a lot of knitting time once we hit Cali.  I feel that since the husband is going to be there, he will be able to help me with the kids.  The question remains, should I bring enough projects with me for Cali, or should I just buy some cashmere and make a scarf.  Life is full of decisions.  I wonder how much it would cost to make a cashmere scarf. 

Anyway, back from my trip to fantasy land, tune in tomorrow for pictures of Novembers finished objects.

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