Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bill Clinton and Christmas?

Bill Clinton, you may remember him for not being able to define the word it, for playing saxophone on late night television, or for his 8 years in the oval office.  What ever you remember him for, he did one thing in regard to religion and the schools.  He published a handy guideline about how you can approach religion in the schools.

It boils down to you can teach not preach.  You can educate not celebrate.  The younger the child, the fewer religions you have to cover as you teach world religion as part of a social/world learning unit.  A preschool aged child would have the opportunity to learn about a few, Christianity and Judaism are the usual choices.  While the guideline does not say this, good sense would dictate that you should touch on all the religions of the students in your class.  Otherwise, you stand to violate someones First Amendment rights.

Ok, so the test is that the children should be learning about a variety of religions.  Let's apply this test to Hannah's preschool.  Is there a variety of religions being shared?  No, apparently there isn't, because the two major ones are considered to be Christianity and Judaism, and Judaism isn't being covered.  A variety is not one.

This of course leads me to believe that it might be time to ask some more questions, I hope it is all a misunderstanding that we can all laugh about in the next post.  A grand opportunity for me to trot out my stupidity and laugh at my foibles.  Let's face the good posts tend to be about that sort of stuff.

If it isn't, then I guess we have to deal with the fact that my 5 year old daughter has had her First Amendment rights violated.  It is pretty sad that it had to happen to her so early.  I was hoping she could wait until marriage.

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