Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Update

So, here is where our little story stands right now...

1)  I talked to the teachers, and not surprisingly they were much more reasonable.  But, the songs that being sung is a decision out of their hands.  And they didn't think there would be any changes.

2)  I was pretty offended by the whole situation.  They are excluding my daughter and not really concerned about it.  I think the teacher gets it though, because when I said that to her, she indicated she understood.  I think that changing the situation is just outside of her span of control.

3)  So, I hatched a plan.  Military has don't ask, don't tell.  We aren't going to be here for the Christmas Concert, so if they sing Oh Holy Night, I am going to have no idea that it has happened.  If someone in the community is offended to learn that their tax dollars are funding this inoculation center, well, they can do something about it.  I suggested, rather than have EVERY ONE learn Driedel, Driedel, Driedel, perhaps just Hannah's class can learn it.  If it falls off the play list between the school and the concert, I will never be the wiser, you won't tell me and I won't ask.  I think Hannah's class is smart enough to learn a 6th song.  Hannah won't be excluded, the entire school doesn't have to change their program.  Sounds like a pretty reasonable compromise.  I was told, I don't know if we can do that.  I told the teacher that if she doesn't think she can do that, then she can call my husband and explain to him why it is so important to violate our daughters first amendment rights.

As of this minute in time, I have not heard from them.  I don't think I will hear from them.  I also imagine I will hear from my daughter that they are not singing the Driedel song.  But, you know what if I don't hear from Hannah about it, I am not going to say anything about it.

I realize that I am letting the violate the law and get away with it.  But, I have neither the support or the inclination to really fight with them about this.  I will sing it from the hilltops once we are out of there.  I will make sure that the Executive Director of the Carol Stream Park District knows that his Pre-School is regularly violating the first amendment rights of 3 and 4 year olds.

Part of me wonders if there isn't a story here.  Perhaps the folks at the Tribune might be interested in learning about this.  This doesn't just happen here in Carol Stream, there are other park districts around here that do it as well. 

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  1. I don't get how the don't ask/don't tell thing is going to work. Maybe I am missing something? You should get this out to local papers though!