Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sock-tacular Summer Goals

June Knitting Goals:

Oh no, not this again... I seem to vastly under-estimate the amount of knitted objects I can create in a month.  It always leaves me at the end of the month, wondering what to work on.  I don't imagine that I will have that issue this up-coming month, as we are headed to California.  I will be limited by how many projects I bring.  Of course I could always purchase a project while I am there... something to think about.

Anyway, in the spirit of travel and keeping things light, I am going to dub this month the kick off of the socktacutlar summer.

The goals:

SKA Patterns:
  • Make January Club Socks
  • Bella Socks, with Dream in Color
  • Cookie A March Mystery Sock in Lorna's Hot Pink
Other Sock-y things:

  • Christmas Sock #2 for Martha
  • 25 squares on my Sock yarn blanket
  • Work on Sock yarn scarf... really need to finish this thing
Because I don't want to be socked:

  • A birthday scarf for a friend of mine, who might read this so, if you are someone who might or might not sock me if I don't make you a gift, then you know what you are getting.