Monday, May 24, 2010

Air Conditioning

Saw a Facebook status that said if you turned your A/C on today you are a wuss.  Seriously, I am about the cheapest person on the planet, but when the kids start complaining about stomach aches and are rolling around on the ground because they are so hot, it is time.  It was 83 degrees at 11:00 at night, and still.  Not a cool breeze to be found.

Our A/C is original.  Now somethings are cool to be original, like thoughts, ideas and radios in old cars.  But, the A/C that the corner cutting builder put in the house a couple of decades ago, not so much.  Since the whole job thing has happened, and well the new windows ate our tax credit, our interest and desire to put in a new A/C is minimal.  So, I try and prolong its life by not using it.

Also, a unit that old, well, it eats electricity like a Hummer eats gas.  When I power up that bad boy, there is a demand surge on the grid that make ComEd look twice.  Let's face it, here in the midwest electricity is cheap, but it sure isn't free.  So, being a true tightwad, I am not one to turn it on.  We muscle through as much as we can.

So, my hat is off to you, non-wusses who didn't turn on the A/C.  Perhaps your homes are better protected from the heat than mine, but my house is a hot box.  Perhaps your kids can tolerate the heat better.  Perhaps you like to sleep in a pool of your own body fluids.  We couldn't hack it anymore, and we turned it on.

As a total aside, YIPPY!!!  Summer is here.  Bring on the pool.

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