Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shrek House Party

We were one of the lucky ones to get the Shrek/McDonalds house party.  A party in a box, gotta love it!!  This was definitely one of the nicest house party boxes I have ever gotten.  Granted it is also the second one I have ever gotten, but this box ROCKED!!  Literally a party in a box, only thing we had to add was guests.

The whole purpose of the deal was to create buzz about the new and improved McNuggets and the new Shrek movie.  The nuggets were definitely a hit, we didn't buy enough!  Even Mr. Picky ate his, which was pretty shocking as he usually won't touch them.  So that was a nice development.

All the kids loved watching the DVD and then learning the moves to the donkey dance.  There is a jukebox special feature, so after the movie we had a dance party.  Of course we had to round out the event with a little Gaga, just to make it fully multi-cultural.  (For everyone not in the know, Gaga is Israeli dodge ball.)

All the kids left with full bellies, ready for bed and everyone had a great time.  Thanks House Party, McDonalds, and Hallmark for a great time!! :)

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