Monday, May 17, 2010

4th Grader Married

Mac is a married man.

When I woke him up yesterday, I told him it was time to get up, it was his wedding day.  He told me that wasn't worth getting out of bed.  But he sounded excited.  I said well what is worth getting out of bed for?  He told me that it was on the calendar.  Which reminded me, his wedding day was also the same day as the Survivor Finale.  That was worth getting out of bed for.

He married his "arch enemy."  The plan was to get divorced as soon as it is over, but his bride didn't want to once it was said and done.  Mac said that she did look pretty good.  I am not sure what I will tell his next wife about all this...

He didn't want to get dressed up, but, he did.  Doesn't he look cute?  Kid cleans up pretty well!

The sister is still in the making faces at the camera stage, but she wasn't missing any opportunity to dress up.  The middle brother on the other hand couldn't be bothered to dress up or be in pre-wedding family pictures.  An indicator of things to come?

Finally, pictures from the blessed event.


Next time, well, if there is a next time.... we will hire a photographer to take pictures of Mac's wedding.  Clearly the iphone was not the way to go.


  1. too cute. i remember the mock wedding in sunday school. i had to be the mother of the groom. who knew that i'd be planning for the future? (not that my kids are getting married anytime soon, but just that i'll eventually be in that role twice.)

  2. Wow, thats a very elaborate wedding! I hope I don't end up seeing it again on 20/20 when they do an expose on childhood marrisge!