Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Re-Cap

Ok, so I didn't exactly do everything on the list, but I think the month was still successful!  I did some other things that spoke to me.  But, there are no knitting goal police.. Right!

Monthly Goals:

  • Knit one skein on my February Lady Sweater (almost done with this!)  -- I finished the body of the sweater.  All that is left to do is the sleeves.  The exciting thing is that it fits!! :)  Also looks sort of cute.  Very excited.  I am going to let this hibernate for a month or two and work on some other things.  It is just too warm to imagine wearing this sweater, but I am excited to have it for next winter!
  • Knit 25 squares on my blanket  -- I think I did about 26 or 27 squares.  I lost count.  The blanket is moving right along and I can see the half way milestone!
April Goals:
  • Finish scarf from last month -- I didn't really do that, but I did get a bit more of it done.  It is a slow knit, mostly because it is super boring.  I need to knit just a bit on this every week.  No ufo pics though!
  • Make Sunday Swing Socks -- Done!

  • Make Just Enough Ruffles scarf -- Done!

  • Pokeball hat for Sam (hopefully!!)  -- Done!

Extra Credit:

I made some dish rags for a swap.

A bath cloth as part of a birthday gift.

Some Rainbow socks... love them!  They make me so happy.  When I got the yarn, I knew I had to knit it immediately.

More than just knitting:

Finally I got around to creating some decent sock blockers.  They are super fun!

I made some project bags too!

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