Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silly Bandz

Animal Bandz... the big thing with all the kids, boys, girls, little kids, teens, it is crazy.  The Walgreens puts up signs when these bracelets are in stock, because getting them is such a big deal.

I don't really understand some of these things.  We were able to dodge the glitter ball fad, but this one seems to have landed right in our home.  These bracelets are everything I hate, they are small and fragile, so they break.  You have to have more than one, so they will be left all over my house in massive quantities for me to clean up.  The kids will fight over them because some of the designs are rare.  I have no idea what makes one rarer than the other, but apparently there is a pecking order for these things.

The kids' friends were giving their duplicates to my kids at school.  So, even though I hadn't purchased any of these insidious creatures, we still had them.  Of course, they are left laying around the house and there was fighting because someone took one. 

Today, I caved and purchased some of these bands for the kids, as a reward for good behavior at the orthodontists office.  When I told them that was the reward, they were thrilled.  Mac jumped into the air and did an arm pump with joy.  I thought, cool a REALLY cheap way to bribe the kids!

Of course picking them out was a lot more trouble than you might have guessed, but the Wags was on the way home from the ortho's office.  For now, everyone is happy, but we will see how long this lasts.  Until then, I wonder why they like these silly bands.


  1. Who understands any type of phase? I'm sure I drove my parents crazy about some of the stuff I wanted as a kid. I collected Garbage Pail Kids for a while. I also followed some jewelry fads like gummy bracelets and charm necklaces. I'll get my payback someday... :)
    Just be happy you never had to deal with a Wiggles phase. Or did you?

  2. Those bracelets are big in my household too, with all the kids, from the two year old all the way up to the teenagers. I am actually wearing two of them right now, because Rafael gave them to me. A big honor, when a 7-year-old gives you two of his animal bracelets. But I think they are cutting off my circulation!