Sunday, June 13, 2010


I know, it has been quiet over here at the old Parenting blog.  The boss is on vacation and the staffers have failed to keep things up and running.  All you can hear in the offices of Parenting: a special kind of crazy is the chirping of crickets. 

I always think I will be able to come up with things to say while I am on vacation, but the reality is, once I leave all creative thought drains from my brain.  This of course has me thinking about having guest bloggers next time I leave town.  Every couple of days a post will be written by someone else and they will go up to fill the space (and promote some of the other great blogs out there...)  I have seen this done on other blogs, but never thought about doing it on mine.  Because well, my blog is MINE, MINE, MINE, and really I didn't want to share. 

But, since when ever the boss leaves, the crickets take over, well, perhaps there is some value in sharing.  So, if you might be interested in being a guest blogger while I am on vacation again in July, let me know.  Just post in the comments section.  I am making them private for this post, so the whole world won't know your intentions, but if you don't have my email address it is a way for you contact me.

Some ground rules, this is a Parenting blog of sorts, so keep it PG.  My kids read this too!

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