Sunday, June 6, 2010

On the eve

Here we sit on the eve of Summer Vacation.  I am a bit hesitant, because for the most part the kids and I rocked out the the summer vacation last year.  It was a very mellow, laid back good time.  I am a bit concerned that we won't be able to do that again.

We are doing most of the same things again, going to Cali, the road trip to Connecticut and hanging out poolside.  But this year, we will have more money, because Bob will be working.  Last year we were dealing with the whole job loss situation.  I wonder if that contributed to our general appreciation of the summer last year.  It was a break from all the stress and bad stuff that happened during the winter.  This winter was pretty chill.

Around us, many of our friends, family and extended family are having tough time.  There is job loss, illness, divorce, child custody and other unpleasant things happening.  For us, that summer was last year.  We know what it is like, we were there. 

This year, though, there is nothing really happening to harsh our summer enjoyment.  I wonder though, what will it be like!  I hope we have a good time... but I guess time will tell.  I go on record saying I am ready to not get up in the morning and rush everyone off to school  I will be happy to not have to deal with annoying teachers and homework. 

Tomorrow afternoon, we jump out of the car pool and back into the swimming pool!

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