Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Duck soup

Did you know that ducks sit on their nests for 24-28 days before they eggs hatch.  When I say sit there, I am serious.  Other than the occasional rotation, our mother duck does not leave.  Now, let's think about this for a minute, could you imagine sitting still for 28 days?  That is like the entire month of February, you have to sit still and only occasionally move.  One time a day you can get up and grab a bite to eat.  Ducks are like zen masters, their ability to sit.

It is amazing to me that these animals can do this for a number of reasons.  Not the least of which is the commitment to propagating the species.  Live birth has some advantages, such as not being a sitting duck for folks who might want to eat you.

Eating the duck brings up some questions on my part, anyone have a good duck recipe?  Once the ducklings are born can we eat them?  How about the eggs?  How about the mother?  I had wild duck with a lingon berry sauce when I was in Europe on time.  Duck tends to be a bit dry unless you cook it right.

This duck has proven that ducks are smarter than rabbits, sorry Bugs.  The stupid rabbit had her babies in Wiley's yard, where they were shaken to death by the dog.  At least the duck was smart enough to have her babies in the front, pretty much out of our way.  You really wouldn't know she was there unless you were looking for her.

Ultimately, here is the problem with our friend the duck, it is that next year she will come back.  The return to their nesting places year after year, and then their off-spring will use the same location.  I am not thrilled about the prospect of raising generations of ducks in my yard.  Who said there isn't wild life in the city.  Where is that dang coyote when you need him?

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  1. Duck eggs can be made into balut. I'm not suggesting that.