Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fire Season

The first day of fire season was Monday.  What makes the 14th of June more likely to be fire prone than say the 13th, I don't know.  Did you know that there was an official season for fires?  All of this was news to me, until I cracked open the paper on Monday morning.

What is someone supposed to do to prepare for fire season?  Well, you are to get your READY SET GO plan together.  Essentially, it is your evacuation plan, where will you meet your other family members in the event you are seperated, etc.  Also, you should have your Grab and Go bag, which has all your important stuff in it.  I guess everyone should just keep their important stuff in a bag, rather than a file cabinets, medicine cabinets or picture frames.  We should all just live in a perpetual state of packed and ready to go.

The Ready Set Go idea is actually good advice for everyone.  If your house was on fire, where would you meet your kids?  The neighbor down the street or around the corner that is your BFF isn't a good choice, because you can not immediately do a quick head count.  Can you see the next door neighbors easily?  My kids meet across the street at a neighbors house, we aren't friendly with them, but I imagine they wouldn't mind if my kids hung out on their driveway while our house burned down.  The house is directly across the street, so I can see who is there and who isn't.  I guess living in California has made me a bit crazy.

The thing is, while I mock the start of fire season, it is a good idea to have a plan for some things that might happen.  Getting seperated on an elevator has always been one of my bigger fears.  We have a plan, and I review it with the kids every time we get on one.  They are getting older now, so it is less of a worry, but imagine if you had a 2 year old on the elevator and you don't make it.

Since it is the offical start of fire season, do you have a plan?

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