Monday, June 28, 2010

June Re-cap

I think my goals should have been a June/July type of situation, because I didn't get as much knitting done as I wanted.  Oh well! :)  I sort of feel bad about the fact that I really didn't get that much done, but hey, I am having fun right?  There is always next month.

SKA Patterns:

  • Make January Club Socks (done)

  • Bella Socks, with Dream in Color -- Didn't even get to start these, but I am also making them in the Lornas not the Dream in Color... oh well!
  • Cookie A March Mystery Sock in Lorna's Hot Pink -- I am making these out of the Dream in Color and am about half way through them.  I have a bit done on the 2nd sock.  Pictures to come.
Other Sock-y things:

  • Christmas Sock #2 for Martha -- I am about 1/2 way done on this too...
  • 25 squares on my Sock yarn blanket I did about 15, oh well... it is still moving along.
  • Work on Sock yarn scarf... really need to finish this thing -- Didn't even get this thing out of the project bag, oh well!
Because I don't want to be socked:

  • A birthday scarf for a friend of mine, who might read this so, if you are someone who might or might not sock me if I don't make you a gift, then you know what you are getting.
    • Finished this and she LOVED it!! Yeah!!  The model is not the recipient.

I also made some dishrags for my aunt!

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