Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dancing with the Cars

Driving home from dinner last night, we were blasting the tunes.  I was singing and car dancing.  When I looked in the mirror and noticed my kids were just sitting there.  Not a head bob nor swing of shoulders could be seen.  Occasionally, I could see lips move as they sang along.  It was a Beaver song after all.

Just a small note on the fact that I know who Justin Bieber (aka the Beaver) is.... I can't think of anything other than, perhaps it is time to cash it in.  Truly horrible teenie bopper music.  (The teenie bopper disagrees with my assessment of the Beaver, but I stand by it.)  The kids LOVE him.

When Mac was small, I remember looking back and seeing my darling car dancing while buckled into his car seat.  It was a proud moment.  When did my kids become too cool to car dance? 

Ultimately, I decided that it might be the choice of tuneage.  Perhaps they don't want to dance to the Beaver, perhaps they don't like him.  One can only dream of such a reality. 

As we were about to pull into the 'hood, I wanted to enter with tunes a-blaring.  Something VERY rebellious about driving the mini van with the tunes cranked up so loud folks walking on the sidewalk can sing along.  I choose a fall back song, a fan favorite if you will.

So to the sounds of the drum beats and base guitar, we cruised into the 'hood.  Cuz, baby did a bad thing, yeah baby did a bad bad thing, and I feel like cryin'.  Everyone car danced.


  1. I was hoping for Cars by Gary Numan.

  2. I sing along and get shushed by my kids. No "Beaver" allowed though. He just annoys me!