Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

I haven't done this in awhile, but today I feel random:

1)  The Ladies having coffee in Panera were very interesting to listen to.  Sitting there and eavesdropping was much more entertaining than I expected it to be.   Can not wait until it is my turn for computer programming again.

2)  If you want the kids to walk to school, it is helpful if you do not expect them to walk in the parking lot where the busses are driving around.  I am glad I am walking everyone on Monday.

3) "Life is boring." My 5 year old is very astute.

4)  Karma is a bitch.  It is interesting to watching things play out.  Enough said about that.

5)  Spring soccer starts in about 8 weeks.  This means that the 30" of snow on the practice field will be gone.  This seems sort of fantastic and improbable.  But is most likely the case.

6)  If I had a penny for evertime I said no soccer in the house, I would be a very wealthy woman.  To that end, NO BALL IN THE HOUSE.

7)  Next time there is 24" of snow, it is all you baby.  All you.

8)  It is never ending. 

9)  Knitting still makes everything better.

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