Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Luck

Sometimes I forget that I really do have help from a higher power.  No matter how bad things get, the light still shines on me.  Often in really unexpected ways.

Example #1:

I am the only person out of about 15 to get their Cookie A sock club on time.  All the other folks in my area have not yet seen their packages.  After the week I had last week, getting that yarn was the highlight.  I felt some much better just petting it.  Those of you who are not yarn-o-philes won't appreciate this, but I felt my stress level come down as soon as I opened the box.

Bob wouldn't let me take it to the soccer meeting, because he didn't want them to know I was crazy.  Yeah, well, that is only a matter of time, why wait?

Example #2

As you know, I have been complaining pretty vociforously about the bad week.  Today I was doing a luncheon for the teachers at school.  I had gotten the lasagnas at Costco and was heating them up.  It said 2 hours, but it took 3 and 1 of those hours the oven was cranked to inferno.  It all worked out ok, but I was a little stressed.

So after running all over getting the luncheon set-up I came home to chill.  I had been home for maybe 20 minutes and I get up to grab a glass and look out the window.  There is a strange man in my backyard.

Normally, this would send me to call the cops, but this guy was scooping the dog poop.  So, I stand in the window of a minute looking at this guy and I am confounded.  Do I ask him what he is doing or do I let him finish.  Finally, the curiosity gets the better of me, and I ask him what is is doing the conversation goes something like this:

Me:  What are you doing?

Poop Guy:  Scooping poop.

Me:  Yeah, I can see that, but why are you doing that?

Poop Guy:  Because you called and asked me to, it is a one time spring clean up.  I do a bunch of other houses in the area.  Is this (he reads off my house number)?

Me:  That is my address, but I live here and I didn't call you and I don't plan to pay you for this.  (I don't like to pay for things my husband can do... I am cheap like that.)

Poop Guy:  But it came up on my gps.

Me:  Who's house are you looking for?  (I am hoping it might be a gift.)

Poop Guy:  I don't know, I will go and check the gps, I must have the wrong house.

He grabbed a mostly full bag of poo and put it in is truck and drove away.  While, this sucked for him, it was awesome for me.  My backyard is poo free and I didn't pay for it.  To be clear, I also didn't call and order the service, it was a lucky error.

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