Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You can do your very best, and still not have things work out the way you want.  Take this most recent Superbowl.  I am sure that the Steelers worked just as hard and wanted it just as much as the Packers, but guess what, things didn't work out the way that the Steelers wanted.

I read an interesting blog post about letting go of the outcome.  Because in spite of how hard you try, things may not turn out the way you wanted.  If you give it your all, try your best and are comfortable that you really did everything you could, hang on and enjoy the ride.  It boils down to "Give it your all, and let go of the outcome."

This idea really resonated with me, as I am trying very hard to banish negative thinking.  I want to stop being my own worst enemy.  Remember most of the negative things said about us, is said by us.  I like the idea of doing your best and not stressing about the outcome.  Rather embracing the outcome.  Because it is something that really is outside the span of my control.  Sometimes the unexpected outcome take us places we never expected.

My Dad used to tell me to not worry about things that I can not control.  I used to wonder about that.  I used to think, but everything is in my control.  Oh the follys of youth.  As I get older, I have begun to understand that really most things are outside of the span of my control.  All I can control is my reponse to the outcome.

This isn't about not taking responsibility or not caring about things, it is about not beating yourself up because things didn't go the way you wanted them to.  I am all about taking responsibility and owning your actions.  It is about eliminating stress and worry from your world.  Stress has its place in our lives, but worry, like fear, can enable us to make bad decisions and think ill or ourselves.

We perform better when fear and worry are not part of the picture.  So, today, give it a try, do your absolute best, give 150%, and let go of the outcome.  The moving parts will sort themselves out.

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