Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fredrick and Margot

Because every child has some fears at some point, meet Fredrick the Fearless.  He is not afraid of anything, in fact most things are afraid of him.  Especially monsters.  It is the stripes.  Monsters are terrified of stripes.

Fredrick can kick monkey butt, chase scary noises away and otherwise protect children for anything they are afraid of.  Fredrick is a special gift for a special friend's new baby.  It goes along with the blanket that I showed you yesterday.

Fredrick in pieces....

Monster's beware, Fredrick is here.

Another friend of ours loves Angellina Ballerina.  Her birthday party is in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to give her a special gift, just from me.  She doesn't get that it is ok to be friends with adults, so I wanted to give her this.  I hope she likes it.  I hope Hannah doesn't take it.


  1. Those are adorable. I think every kid should have a Fredrick :)

  2. I love those! Frederick is an awesome idea.