Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night was the season opener for Parenthood.  If you haven't seen it, it is a pretty smart and funny show about parenting, families and life. 

As the show opens, it has one of the characters getting called over to his parents house to resolve some sort of crisis.  Doing this makes him late for work and he gets called into the boss' office.  Basically the boss says,  your family is getting in the way of your ability to do your job.  He puts the guy on notice. 

But does he get the message, and tell his family to lay off?  No, in the next scene his daughter is in his office complaining about her mother.  Then the sister shows up to demand that he give her credit for her idea.  It seems that the family is all consuming.  His boss keeps giving disapproving looks, but doesn't do anything.

At one point, Bob and I look at each other and I say to him, I am more worried about his job than he is.  The character, who's name escapes me, doesn't seem to get the message that his job is in jeopardy and that he needs to tell his family to back the heck off.  In today's economy, this does not ring true to me.  I can not image anybody getting called to task for not be present enough and not doing something about it.

If you boss told you to show up on time or else, well wouldn't you tell your family to back off and show up on time?  I sure would.

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  1. No one would ever tell me that. Everyone likes my mom. But no one will take her home with them, no matter how often I ask. I think they think I'm joking.