Saturday, September 11, 2010

FAIL blog post

When I was growing up we used to tease my mother mercilessly when she did really stupid things.  Us kids would question her intelligence.  We would tell her she was stupid.  Yes, yes, it was rude and disrespectful, but in our defense, she did do some really crazy things.

For example, she tossed the mail into the box, and my father's pay check went in along with it.  She ended up bribing a postal worker to give it back to her.  This was of course after we waiting for about an hour for him to come.  The times on the boxes apparently are just a suggestion.

Sometimes I think my mother cursed me to do really stupid things, now that I am an adult.  I like to say it is because my kids sucked all my brain cells out of my head, but I am not sure that is the issue.

Yesterday, I went to the bank to deposit a couple of checks.  I had enough that I felt a deposit slip was in order.  So, I grabbed a book of checks from my desk drawer and pulled a deposit slip.  I am much more anal about using deposit slips after I deposited money at the ATM and it didn't show up in my checking account.  (It showed up in my savings account... that is a whole different story though.)

I filled out the slip, did the math, and since it was mostly round numbers, I got the math right.  I drive up at the drive through teller and put all my stuff in the tube and press send.

All was going well.  Then all the other cars left and I was still there.  I began to wonder, is there a problem?  Just as I begin to ponder the situation, the teller comes back and says, "Are you sure you are at the right bank?"

"Am I sure I am at the right bank?" I ask back, "Yes, I am at the right bank."

"Well your deposit slip is not from here."

"Yeah, I know that, it is from National City, remember that hostile take over a couple of months ago?  I haven't bought new checks yet."

"I am aware of that, but this slip is from ACB."

"Oh," I replied lamely, "right bank, wrong slip."

The teller, in spite of my nasty remark, kindly offers to look up my account and make the deposit for me.  I was kicking myself for not just using the ATM.  This wouldn't not have happened if I used the ATM.

She sends my completed transaction back, and tells me she is sending some suckers too.  That it seemed like I was having a hard day and she saw a small person in my car.  Hannah was there to witness her mother's demise. 

I take the tube out of the holder.  I take the stuff out of the tube.  I put the tube down on the passenger seat and hand Hannah a sucker.  I drive off.

Pop Quiz:  What step did I forget?

Answer:  If you said to put the tube back in the holder, well you would be correct.  Yeah you.

I was half way home when I had to pull a U-turn so I could take the tube back.  I went into the bank just so they didn't think I was drunk.  I told the teller, not the first one I didn't see her, that I failed drive through banking and that I was really sorry.  She didn't laugh in my face.

Oh, and Hannah was in her PJ's.

Verdict:  Drive Through Banking FAIL.

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