Monday, September 27, 2010

Knitting goals for October

I know I haven't shown any pictures of my knitting lately.  It is mostly because I haven't taken the pictures, not because there isn't any knitting to show.  I have been moving along on my knitting goals, and it is time for my October goals.

Non-knitting goal:
  • Take pictures of my completed projects and post them
Knitting goals:
  • Finish things!!
    • February Lady sweater -- only sleeves left to do!
    • Mad Color Weave socks -- have 1 1/2 socks left to do!
    • The final stocking for Martha -- I am doing this for a contest.  For the contest you are supposed to pick something challenging.  These stockings are not challenging anymore, but just the sheer will to finish them, that will be the challenge.
 My stretch goal will be to try and get my sister-in-law's socks on the needles.  I haven't chosen the yarn for or the pattern yet.  I also need to make a toy for a friend who is having a baby really soon, actually, I should make two, 1 for the baby and 1 for the big sister.  It is never ending!

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