Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Interview

It is my tradition to interview the birthday person in our household.  Since I can not interview myself, today's post is created by Mac.  I am not sure what will happen and do not take any responsibility for the content of today's post.


How does it feel to be 22?  I am not sure I can remember that far back.

You can't remember today?  I am not turning 22 today, but it is nice of you to say so.  This year I am actually going to fly my age happily, because I am the answer today.
What does that mean?  I am the answer to the question.  The question is what is the meaning of life?  This year, I am the answer.

So, you are your age?  I am my age, are you your age?  What kind of question is that.

Back on track here, how does it feel to be the mother of 1 adoring child and 2 other kids?  I was going to ask what happened to the other two kids.  Which one is the adoring one, you?

No, the one who made you a newspaper.  That is you.

Yes, I know.  Well then you are just being self serving by not saying yes to my earlier question.

Ok, then, can I have a new video game?  I thought we were interviewing me about me, not about your consumerism.

Fine, umm, did you enjoy your newspaper?  Yes, it was very nice, I liked the coupons best I think.

Why did you have two other kids?  Hard hitting journalism here.  I had two other kids because I think Dad is cute.

So he is cute?  What does that make me adorable?  I thought we already established that.

They are fighting right now, any regrets about having them?  It is my birthday, I am not answering that question.

So far I am the only kid who has given you a present?  The day is still young, who knows what will happen.

Do you still love me no matter what?  Why do you ask, what did you do?  Just answer the question.  Yes, I love you, no matter what.  I think this interview is over.  Darn.

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