Thursday, November 3, 2011

Electricity ROCKS

It is Thursday, and you know what that means, yup, Thursday blog project.  Today's topic:
There is a thing on Twitter called "What Went Well Today" where you tweet things that went well during your day. (Within the 140 character limit of course.) Anyhow, I'm asking y'all to keep track for the next five day (either from today through Wednesday or Tomorrow through Thursday - which mean you post Thursday night) things that went well. If you'd like, share them on your blog. Then talk about your experience doing this little exercise. Was it hard for you to come up with what went well? Did it change how you looked at things? Is this something you think you'll keep doing?

We returned the hummus-that-ate-Glen-Ellyn without any issue.
I got to take a nap today.

We have electricity.  Our old house does not.
Still got to go to knitting.
In spite of rain, Panthers win!

Submitted my paid article to Interfaith Family
We still have electricity, our old house still does not.
Halloween!  Candy!

Mac got straight A's, 4 of which were A+'s.
We still have electricity, our old house still does not.

Hung with friends
We still have electricity, our old house still does not
Did I mention the straight A's?

The Conclusions:

For the most part I am pretty positive about my lot in life.  Yes, I have bad days, and yes there are people that piss me off, and I have generalized angst about things.  But, generally, I believe that I am pretty lucky and that usually the universe is not out to get me.   That said, it was hard for me to think of something note-worthy that was good that happened everyday.  It isn't that my days are bad, I think it is that my baseline is to expect good things.  So, good things are not necessarily noteable.  That isn't to say that I don't appreciate that most days are good.  I totally do, I just don't tend to recognize each little event that goes into making them good.

The one really good thing I kept going back to during the week was the fact that we have electricity.  I LOVE electricity.  Seriously, if I could marry it I so would.  Electricity is like a million Mark Harmons.  My good friends in Connecticut do not have electricity.  They are not expected to have electricity until maybe Monday if the stars shine on them and the wind blows in the right direction.  My old house in Connecticut sits dark.  My old house missed most of the brunt of Irene.  Our little Hamlet didn't loose power for too long in that event, but now, folks are saying it might even be 2 weeks.

The kids are so happy to turn on the television, to have heat and to be able to use lights.  It has really made us aware of how blessed we are with our little conveniences.  Bob and I have talked about how we do not have to spend $5,000 to get a generator, because we both know that we would be driving to where ever to buy a generator if we still lived there.  While we are saying we are happy we don't live there anymore, it is really just good luck.  We are currently appreciating our good luck.

At the end of the day, I don't think this is something I am likely to continue.  At least as long as things are the way that they are.  If we go back to the dark place again, I might start doing this.

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  1. Great post! Glad you found a lot to be thankful for...especially with the electricity situation. Hope your friends get their power back soon though. We lost power for a few days earlier this year and that even sucked.

  2. We lost power for about 45 minutes on Tuesday evening and I thought I was going to lose it. I cannot imagine going more than a week.