Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't mock the slow old lady on the trail

As I ran along the trail today a skinny 20 something with a bouncy ponytail entered the trail.  It was at my 3/4 mile mark.  The trail is fairly wide, but apprently my slow fat runner self was in her way.  She yelled, move over old lady.  I gave her a look and trundled along as she sprinted away. 

I passed the bridges, the mile markers and approached the bridge over the train tracks.  There is a big hill over the train tracks.  I have been pushing myself to run up said hill.  As I lowered my center of gravity and trundled along up the hill (to the almost top this time) I spotted the mean girl.  She was walking over the bridge.

When she hit the "turn around" she, turned around and passed me again on the bridge going the other way.  I didn't pay it much mind.  Until I turned around and went back over the bridge.  When I got through the yucky hilly part, I was trying to lengthen my stride.  I noticed that I was gaining on her.  I kept on.  I figured once I got up to her, she would sprint away.  Happens all the time.

As I kept getting closer I thought, seriously, you are going to let the slow fat old lady pass you?  The one that was in your way?  Really?  I passed her.  I didn't say anything.  I decided to model classy trail behavior.  Besides, it just creates bad karma. 

In other news, I have been reading a blog written by the slow, fat, triathelete.  She is currenlty training for an Iron Man.  YIKES!  Check it out, I echo her feelings about coming out as fat.  I may have more to say on that.  Coming out as fat

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