Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ten years from now

Lunch with my 10-year-older self is the topic for this Thursday's entry.  Sure, we could have gone all traditional and written about what we were thankful for, but the purpose of this little exercise is to challenge ourselves and I think we can all manage a Thanksgiving post at this point.

So, anyway, I am going to dine with my 10-year-older self.  Before that happens, let's do some math.  I will be in my early 50's.  My kids will be 21, 18 and 16.

The reality that I will have a freshman and senior in college sort of freaked me out.  Where is all the money we saved for college?  The kids are all driving, and this is our first Thanksgiving since Sammy started college.  He best be coming home.

The actual topic, is what would you discuss with your older you.  I just needed to do the math so I could fix in my head where we were.  Ten years is not that far away.

What would I want to know?  I think that I would like to know that Mac is ok.  I really want to know that all the work and effort I have put into trying to make him a productive, happy member of society has paid off.  At 21, he might have a girlfriend.  I wonder who he will end up with.  What sort of job will he try and get?  Will he understand why we were so hard on him?

Of my three kids, I worry most about Mac.  He seems like the most likely to struggle as he gets older.  I wonder, am I wrong about that?

Of course I would be interested in hearing about how Sam and Hannah are doing.  Perhaps Sam is going to college on a soccer scholarship?  ::it is hopeful that the billions of dollars we spend on soccer might turn into something, I realize it is unlikely::  Maybe by this point he will be over soccer, but it is hard to imagine.  I wonder if Sam is tall, and is he still charming?  Right now, Sam bats his eyelashes and gets out of trouble with every single teacher.  He oozes charm.

Hannah, she is trouble that one.  Too smart for her own good.  Perhaps a good question to ask is will I survive having her as a teenager.  I bet my older-self might be wondering the same thing!

My curiosity centers mostly around the kids.  I feel confident that Bob and I will still be together.  I imagine I will have a job, have to pay for college some how.  I imagine we will still be living here, but who knows.  Those details aren't really interesting to me.  I know that I will figure it out as it comes.  The only thing I will wonder about myself is do I ever let my hair be uncolored?  For those that don't know, I am 100% grey.

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  1. Great topic and great post! Have a nice Thanksgiving, now that you survived your trip! :)