Monday, November 7, 2011

I can

Who am I?  I define myself as a mom, a writer, a knitter, a wife, even a soccer mom.  I would never in a million years add runner to that list.  Seriously, have you seen my butt?  Runners have much smaller butts than I do.  But, we need to back up a bit for all this to make sense.

I have been challenging myself to do things I never believed that I could.  One of them was to run a 5K.  Which I did in mid-October.  I was pretty proud of myself for doing that.  I am now even faster and able to go farther than I did then.  It amazes me.

This weekend my SIL asked me to run with her and friend in a 5 mile race while we are in for Thanksgiving.  Now, let's do a little math, a 5K and a 5 mi race are not same same.  As you may recall from studing the metric system, 5 kilometers is actually 3.1 miles.  So a 5 mi race is almost double what I have accomplished so far.  I would also like to add I have NEVER run that far at one time in my life.

Seriously, if you had asked me to run in July, I would have told you "Only if a bear is chasing me."  I started to run in August, and celebrated running a whole 1/2 mile without stopping to walk.  Now in 4 short months I am considering running 5 miles?  There is something wrong here.  If you see locust, don't be surprised.

I was sharing this story with a friend.  She asked me, as I was telling her about how I was considering running 5 miles on Thanksgiving, if I was a runner.  Even Bob didn't immediately say I was a runner.  He said no.  I said no.  It isn't part of my definition of myself. 

Really, what is a runner?  The dictionary definition is someone who runs.  I run.   But, still, I am not ready to call myself a runner.  Right now, I am out there proving a point to myself and the world.  I am doing something I never thought I could.  I am showing the world, that while I may not look like someone who can run 5 miles, guess what I can.  haha jokes on you.. you non-believer.

Some things I have learned on this journey is that running is more a mental thing than a physical thing.  I think our minds tell us not to do something, but in reality our bodies can do them.  I think we get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task and give up.  I am not fast, but I keep on keeping on.  Oh, another thing... socks matter, who knew.

Runner or not, on Thanksgiving, I am going to run 5 miles.  Not because I want to be able to eat more, but because I want to prove to myself and everyone else that I can!

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