Friday, November 18, 2011

Down by the lake

It is Thursday, and it is time for the next installment in our blog project.  The topic today is what is something you have always wanted to do but never done.

I want to go on vacation.  Yes, we go to California on a very regular basis, and while that is fun, it is not a vacation.  I realize that California is a vacation spot.  I also realize that while we are in California we do things like go to amusement parks (Disney, Legoland, etc).  But, again, this is not a vacation, it is a trip to see my family.

I want to rent a house on a lake or the ocean and get up in the morning and go outside my door to the beach.  I want to spend long idyllic days frolicking in the water.  Evenings would be spent relaxing by the fire and enjoying each other's company.

We could spend the twilight hours on the deck.  Watching the sun set, while the kids toss rocks in the water.  Perhaps even feed the ducks.

I am not a huge boater, but perhaps we could canoe a bit.

But, all we would do is relax.  Maybe go into town and take in a movie or go out to eat or do a bit of shopping.  But mostly, it would be peaceful and lovely.

Do not harsh my fantasy with the reality that my kids don't get along that well.

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  1. i love it and totally agree! all my "vacations" have been to visit family too. i liked that you used pics too. :)
    how funny that three of us in the group made our posts vacation based for this theme!

  2. This sounds wonderful! :) Kevin and I rented a house for our honeymoon, right on the Oregon coast. It was fantastic- and doable. Maybe you can make plans for this summer? :)