Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yarnie Year in Review

The yarnie year in review.  I always feel like I really didn't make that much, but when I stop and look at the list, well it is long!

Socks:  I made 16 1/2 pairs.  The 1/2 pair is because I finished my targets socks before I was killed off... this is during sock wars, so if it doesn't make any sense, just move on.  Focus on the fact that I made 16 pairs of socks.  That is crazy!

Hats:  I made 6 hats.  4 of the 6 hats had flowers on them, so I also made 4 flowers!  I am not counting this seperatly, but that is a lot of warm heads.

Toys:  I made 11 toys.

Sweater:  I made 1 sweater for me.  Just one... but it took a long time, I am a big person.

Christmas stockings:  4... they were so well received I am making another one.  Same friend, she just wants one for herself.

Dishrags:  8

Scarves:   4

Baby Blankets:  1... slow year for baby blankets!  I am happy about that, I hate making them.  But, with 3 pregnant friends, I feel that there is at least one or two more in my future.

I think that totals up to 51 1/2 Finished objects.  No wonder we are starting to feel over run with hand knits in our house.  No wonder I look like the crazy knitting lady when I leave.  I have a rule about that, no more than 2 handknits at a time, unless it is cold and I have a scarf and mittens on.

If you are getting hand knit items as a gift, well you know why!

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