Monday, December 13, 2010

Wrapping it up

As the year ends, it is time for the usual reflection on what transpired this year.  I have to say, that while this wasn't a banner year, it wasn't a bad year either.  It just was.  I for one, am ok with that.

Some not so good things happened.  My Father-in-law has experienced some rather large health problems this year.  That is pretty upsetting to all involved.  Living so far away from it, it is easy to disconnect yourself from it.  But the realities of the new situation come up in unexpected ways that are sometimes hard to manage.

Of course, there was the whole situation with my brother.  While in the end his son ended up in the right place, the emotional and financial fall-out from that situation will be long reaching for many years to come.  In the end, the reality is that no one will ever really be the same.  It is a heart breaking story.  The impact of that horrible woman's narcissism is some what mind boggling.  I wonder if she will ever look in the mirror and realize what she did.  No one is faultless, but BM does not recognize her role in this whole fiasco.

There were some good things that happened.  Bob found a job he loves, he has gotten a promotion and we are getting closer to being steadily on our feet again.  I feel that we are in a stable place with that right now.  In today's environment, well that is huge!

In the end, there were social justice issues at preschool, and other problems that cropped up.  Nothing was life altering.  I think we have had a pretty blessed year all things considered.  While 2010 was nothing to write home about, that is alright with me.  I am excited to start another new year.  I hope that the momentum we have started to build keeps on keeping on.  But, if next year is like this year, well that would be good with me.

Thank you for staying with me all year.  I wish all the best for you and yours.

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  1. 2011 hasn't even started yet, so I wouldn't expect you to have anything to say about it. ;)