Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Trip

We are back.  Home from the journey. 

Having done this trip every December, with one exception, since I have stopped living at home.  It is expected, normal and well, one thing that makes me feel whole.  I love seeing my family and hanging out with friends.

This year was very low key.  My brother and his family were in Asia, wrapping up their year in Australia.  My cousin didn't arrive until the very end and my nephew left for Colorado on Christmas.  It seemed there as enough time to hang out with everyone but just that one.  We reallly got to spend time with folks rather than rushing through one visit on our way to the next.  The kids would have liked more time with my cousin and her family.

The trip was fine, with the expection of the ice box limo trip.  There were no delays, not cancellations and everything landed when and were it was supposed to.  My kids didn't do anything too anti-social at my Uncle's fancy house.  No accidental swimming this year, no peeing contests, we may actually get invited back.

The weather was meh.  It rained, a lot.  We are not used to being stuck in the house.  But, then it was sunny and we played a lot of soccer.

They kids discovered Fox Desportes.  They watched a lot of soccer, in spanish.  My brother and I got my mom a new TV.  He walked in and said, "I thought this TV was in English, we should return it.  Sorry about getting you the Spanish one."

The trip was like the year, nothing to write home about, but not bad.  I am ok for with that.  After being on the rollarcoaster of great highs and great lows, I am happy to ride in the middle.  For things to just be.

Everyone is happy to be home and to play with their new Wii games, sleep in their beds and start the New Year.  Well, gotta run, David Villa is on the television.

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