Friday, December 3, 2010

Sick Day

We were sick yesterday.  I am talking about the down and out on your back, can not do anything kind of sick.  It was a horrible day.  We were so sick I pulled my 10 year old out of school so there was someone there to dial 911 if we needed it. Also, we needed someone to tend to our whims and needs.

Today we are all on the road to recovery.  Some outtakes from our day, also know as a few of the things I remember:
  • Sam stop bogarting the barf bucket.
  • I am Optimus Prime.  If you stand with us, we will stand with you.  What does that mean anyway?
  • I will give you a million dollars if you get me a slurpee. But Mom, I am 10 and I can't drive.  Really?  I think you could if you tried hard enough.
  • Mom, Sam won't share the buc.... ket.  Oh well, I don't need it anymore.
  • Mac, clean up on aisle 10
  • I want ice chips
  • Mac, find another bucket, Sam won't share.
  • Mac, we want popsicles.  Mom, we had this discussion, I am 10 and I can't drive.  You don't love me, why won't you try?
Finally, a friend called me on her way to the grocery store.  She just wanted to say hi.  If you don't believe in G-d, you should now.  The grocery store is a mile from my house.  I told her we were at deaths door.  She brought us popsicles and ginger ale.   The best kind of ding-dong ditch...the kind that leaves popsicles and ginger ale on your front steps.

We are better now.  It no longer seems like a resonable idea to have my 10 year old take the van to the grocery store for popsciles.  Everyone is still shaky, but we are on the mend.  Probably just in time for wave 2 to pass through, when Mac and Bob get it.  At least we already have popsicles.

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