Thursday, December 16, 2010


I awoke yesterday morning at it was -2.5 degrees Farenheit.  If you can't imagine it, it is Cold, with a capital C, Cold.  Not as cold as say -25 degrees Farenheit, which it has also been in the very cold place we live, but that it not capital C Cold and that is Capitals C,O,L,D COLD.

The plan had been to wear light coats, hop into the warm limo and go to the airport.  Because we are heading to California, bring one's Nanook of the North outfit is well... over kill. 

I am going to digress for a moment here, when I bought my boots and my coat, I asked the fine sales person what the tempurature rating was on the items I had selected. I was told they both ranged from -35 to 15 degrees.  I asked, "is there anything warmer in the store?"  I was told, no that was the warmest things they offered.  I would have to go to a specialty store to get something warmer. Then the sales representative asked me if I was planning a trip to the North Pole or something.  I said, no I just want to get my kids at school without freezing, same thing!

Anyway, we didn't want to bring our warm gear, inspite of the fact that the thermometer would warrent such a selection.  In the end, every single one of us chickened out and we wore our warm coats.  I didn't go full Nanook and selected my running around town winter coat and not my going to get the kids at school coat.  As there is the whole going through security issue, no boots were worn.

These were all critical errors in judgement, because we assumed that the limo would be warm.  That mistake in judgement almost cost me my baby toes.  The limo was NOT heated.  The limo was marginally warmer than outside.  My best guess would be that it was say 10 degrees back there.  We spent 45 minutes riding from our lovely heated home to the lovely heated airport in a freezer.  When we arrived, walked into the airport and exclaimed "oh sweet warmth how we love thee,"  the secuirty ladies huddling in the vesibule laughed. 

We complained about it being cold.  These complaints were met with grunts.  Finally, we decided that there was nothing to be done about this, all we could do was huddle together and hunker down, next to the open window were periodically wiffs of warm air wafted through the open window.  The driver was warm.

When I got out of that ice box, to be met with air that was about the same as the air in the car, I turned to the driver and said, when someone complains about it being cold, you might turn the freaking heat on because I think I may have lost some toes on this trip.  He was not moved by my reaction. I looked at him and said, I spend at least 2 hours a day outside almost every day.  I am not weak and I not a wimp and I am not joking when I tell you it was cold.  He was still un-moved by this. 

I am willing to be he was moved by his tip.  You freeze a man's children and wife, and you don't get a very big tip.

Maybe next time we will request a limo with heat, or use someone else.

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