Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Rain, rain go away, please come back another day.  Another day after I am home and not here. 

California has gotten 300% of their normal yearly rain in the last week.  We have been here for the last week, and it has been horrible.  Get your hammers folks, it is time to start to build an ark.  When we come to California, we come for sun, sand and palm trees.  In that order.  There is no mention of rain.  I realize that the rain is hugely important to the environment here in California, but can it just come when I am not here?

The problem with the rain, is that there is nothing to do that does not involve being outside.  At least nothing to do with the kids.  They are cooped up here at my mothers house.  It is a fairly good sized house, but for 4 kids to spend day after day inside, well it is getting a bit overwhelming for everyone.  We all have cabin fever.

There is only so much computer and television that can be consumed before even the children get tired of it.  Yesterday, in a massive fit of cabin fever everyone took to the backyard and played soccer for well over an hour.  In the the pouring rain, on the muddy lawn.  By the time they were done, they were not as muddy as you would have expected, because it was raining so hard.  Clothes were washed and everyone was happy that they were not inside all day.

Today, it is the indoor olympics, completely planned out by the kids.  They have come up with a series of events that are not athletic, but still fun.  It has been refreshing to see them use their minds to try and come up with something to do that isn't electronic.  They have even resorted to reading books.  I am getting serious about getting the hammers out, it is definately the end of the world if they kids are choosing books over television.

There hasn't been as much fighting as you might have expected.  Things have actually gone pretty well.  But, on that note I am going to sign off, it is not currently raining and we are going to go splash in puddles.  At least it isn't cold.

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  1. sorry it's still raining there. it didn't stop my friend from going to disneyland recently though. just get on some ponchos, see a few shows and go on the indoor rides. :)
    glad your kids are being so inventive. my sister and i used to make "double dare" obstacle courses in the basement when we were kids. we also could spend hours on jigsaw puzzles.
    maybe go to michael's and get some craft items? or bake something together? hang in there!