Sunday, October 24, 2010

What we used to have...

In Sunday school we discussed the concept of appreciating what you have.  The teacher told a story about a family that was very wealthy and then the lost their wealth, and through a series of misfortunes they ended up penniless and barely making it.  At each stage of their journey, they always longed for the comfort they had prior to their latest demise.

The story really struck home with me, because as a family, we have been through a series of misfortunes in the past several years.  Things seem to be on the uptick, but it was an important reminder that while things aren't like they used to be, they still aren't bad.

When ever I pay the bills, I certainly long for Bob's larger paycheck of days gone by.  But, in exchange for that paycheck, Bob lost out on being a part of his children's lives.  When we moved here we did it so that he could stop traveling and be a part of the family.  Watching him play Wii with the boys last night was something that wouldn't have happened when he was traveling.  He was just too tired when he finally got home to really hang out with us. 

He has coached Sam's soccer team and now is going to coach for Hannah.  This certainly would not have been possible when he was traveling, or even in last job.

There are times when I long for the friends I had before we moved, the house I had before I moved, and the life I had before I moved.  I sometimes wonder if that story wasn't a message to tell me to stop longing for that which is no more, and focus on and appreciate what I have right now.

When my father died and I was unemployed, my therapist told me to be present in today.  To not worry about yesterday and stop thinking about tomorrow, but to be in the moment today.  It was the same message.  Enjoy today, and what you have, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

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