Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dishrag Tag

Well, today I received my dishrag tag box.  It was sort of anti-climactic, after spending the day checking the empty mail box to look out the window to see the mailman at the box and have the mail handed to me. 

It was the day after a holiday and this of course means that my mail will be later than usual.  It also means our regular guy will not be there.  He likes to extend his weekends.  Yeah, our postman must have like a million vacation days.  I think he works few days than he vacations.  I want a government job.  This must have something to do with the fact that stamps are 50 cents and the USPS is broke.  I digress.

This game is really a study in the postal service.  The pattern takes all of 3 hours to knit, if that.  There is no reason it should take anyone more than a day to crank it out.  So, if you got your box in the AM you could reasonably get it out in the afternoon.  So, the fact that there is variation in how the progress is going lies largely with the efficiency of the postal service and when your mail arrives.

Some teams have had their boxes go wandering.  Others, I think have been blessed with good postal mojo.  I was beginning to question our team mojo when, our box finally arrived.  The mail man gave it a good long look.  I think the postal workers must wonder about some of these things.

I must say, in the box were some goodies for me.  A very cool notions holder.  One can never have enough of these.  Also, some lovely goodies from our team captain.  I won't say what they are, but I like them a ton.

I can't wait to see what is in the final box, but we are one person away from the end!  It is a fun game, our team is pretty nice, and we are in the hunt for a prize.  I will keep you posted.

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