Tuesday, October 26, 2010


At my very first job after my MBA, I worked with a bunch of older and wiser ladies.  I was their boss, but they certainly coached and mentored me much more than I did for them.  Bearing in mind that these women did not make much money and all of them were in marginal situations.  I am sure that I was sort of annoying to them, as my problems were not even on the same playing field.

One of the ladies, who lived paycheck to paycheck and supported her adult children, told me, if you have faith, G-d will take care of you.  Now, I believe that G-d also helps those who help themselves, this conversation stuck with me.  I asked her, how is G-d going to take care of me?  I need money to pay bills, G-d can't provide me with that.  She said, sometimes G-d does and money arrives when you need it.

I thought she was crazy, how could a being that doesn't have a form give me anything tangible.  I thought that the whole thing was silly.  Yet, as I have gotten older I have learned that perhaps she wasn't so crazy.  Shortly after our basement flood, a check in almost the exact amount landed on our doorstep.  There are many other examples of this sort of thing.  I always find it curious when it does happen, and I am forever reminded of the conversation that I had with MF.

While I don't know if this is the case for all, most of the truly faithful people I have met, seem to be alright.  It would seem that perhaps G-d does take care of his flock.  This isn't to say that bad things don't happen, but in the end, these folks seem to end up ok.  Not always in the same shape or space they were in originally, but ok. 

Perhaps that has a lot to do with attitude, I don't know.  But, I do that things sometimes don't seem like they will work out, they always seem to in the end.  Sometimes it surprises me when they do.

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