Monday, October 18, 2010

Self Talk

I have been thinking about the power of self talk a lot lately.  Remember in an earlier post I talked about the power of attraction.  How, you attract positive things when you view the world positively.  Conversely you attract negative things when you view the world negatively.

Recently, I was at the gym and we were doing a shoulder exercise that was hard.  My arms felt like they were going to explode and I thought, I can't do this.  Then I remembered the whole thing about self talk.  I thought, what would happen if I kept telling myself I could do this, rather than saying I couldn't and it was ok to stop.  As corny as it sounds, with every drum beat I said, you can.  You know what, I did and I could.

I have been talking to the kids about this a lot too.  Especially with Mac, when he starts to feel out of control I tell him to remind himself that he is able to control himself and he wants to be a good boy. 

It is hard to stop sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts.  Think about how many times a day you say something negative to yourself.  It is most of the time.  We aren't conditioned to say, hey, good job, way to go.

My final thought on the subject is, when you feel you can't, be inspired, because you probably can.

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