Friday, October 8, 2010


The power of attraction has been coming up a lot lately.  We were at Sunday school and someone was talking about it.   Just today I read a blog post about it.  I am wondering if there is some movement around the power of attraction that I am just woefully unaware.

It is a coincidence that it keeps coming up?  As Gibbs would say, I don't believe in coincidence.  So, if it is not a coincidence, and it keeps coming up, there must be some reason.

Essentially, the philosophy is that like attracts like.  That you will get what you think.  Your reality will represent what is going on in your mind and subconscious mind. Your attitude will be reflected back to you by the attitude of those close to you and around you on a daily basis. If you are positive and optimistic - you'll have positive and optimistic people around you.

I read an interesting fact, that 90% of our self-talk is negative.  Just today, a friend of mine was talking about the power of harnessing that self-talk.  She was discussing it in terms of dieting.  She said, when you say, I want a cookie, if you don't replace that desire with something else, you are going to end up eating a cookie.  In this example, you say, Hmm, I would like a cookie right now.  You then tell you self, I would like to loose weight.  Every time the cookie pops up, the desire to loose weight comes in after it.  Eventually the cookie will stop popping up.

Ok, so the premise is that if you want to be lucky you have to believe that you are lucky, if you want positive things to happen you have to be positive, etc.  You can google it and read more.  Couple this with 90% of your self-talk is negative, no wonder it is so hard to dig out of the hole.  I think you have to change the self-talk to turn the ship around. 

When the negative thoughts come up you have to be at the ready with a positive one to take its place.  I have been working on this with Mac.  His self-talk is, no one likes me.  I am trying to train him to say, I am a likable person and when people get to know me they like me.  When ever the worry pops up about the friends, he has a replacement for the thought.

I am curious about how this will work, because if all of us can stop the negative self-talk for just a bit, imagine what we could do.  I really want a cookie now, but I also want to loose weight.  So I think I will just go to bed.

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