Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pop guns

This week's topic is regarding the ban against selling a soda larger than 32 oz in New York City juxtaposed against the fact that you can buy a gun anywhere. 

I am going to start with a history lesson, the right to bear arms is a out-growth of the English right or actually duty to arm its citizens.  In the 1600's citizens of England were required to arm themselves to serve in the military, or militia as it was called at the time.  When the constitution was written, the right to bear arms was a comfortable concept to the founding fathers.  Essentially people needed guns to protect themselves, for hunting and to serve in the militia (citizens army as there was no actual organized army at the time.) 

While I don't see an issue with people owning guns for the purposes of protecting themselves and hunting, I do find it odd that we need to tend to those issues with semi-automatic weapons.  Since when do you hunt deer with an automatic weapon?  I see no need for citizens to arm themselves with such types of weaponry.  As our society has changed, we no longer need our citizens to arm themselves to protect the country against attack.  We have a group of people to do that, and they are armed properly.

I do think it is ironic that we are so concerned about obesity, and yet we allow people to buy guns that enable the easy killing of many. 

I am obese.  There I said it.  I am in better shape that many people who are significantly thinner than me.  I resent that the government wants to tell me how to live my life, and what to put in my body.  When my mother tried to get me to loose weight as a teen, I didn't.  When my boy friend told me he wanted me to be thinner, I found another boy friend.  It was not until I was properly motivated did I decide I wanted to do something about my weight.  The fact remains, that the government can not tell me to loose weight.  They can not make me do it, I have to decide I want to do it.  Because I can still buy 2 30 oz sodas. 

The prevailing research says that fat people tend to stay fat.  Even if they loose the weight a significant group of them gain it all back and then some.  Our bodies are not designed to loose weight, they are designed to gain it.  Gaining weight is our bodies way of ensuring our survival.  If we want to do something about obesity, we need to focus on the children.  How about offering school lunches that are healthy.  How about teaching children about nutrition at a very young age.  Look at how kids react to the anti-drug/no smoking messages they get in school?  If the government wants to be involved in solving the obesity issue, we need to stop it before it happens.

If the government is so concerned about keeping us safe that they need to control what we eat, then I think they need to think about how they go about selling weapons.  Perhaps, just maybe we don't need to sell automatic weapons to the general public.

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  1. thanks for the history lesson. when i was in junior high, i'd alert to the word "militia" in history class because the teacher made it sound like my name when he said it. lol!

  2. I'm with Melissa- thank you for the background. I didn't know where the "right to bear arms" originated from. I agree that gun control is a much more dire issue than soda control!