Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It has been awhile since I have done this. I suppose writing a column for a weekly parenting newsletter has taken up much time. Since that is coming to an end, I am going to need an outlet. So I return.

We are moving. We sold our house really fast. I hope it stays that way, but right now it is under contract. YEAH! This seems to be a small miracle given the housing market. On the other hand finding a new house seems to be a huge issue. You would think given the fact that there are over 100 homes for sale in our target area we would be able to find one. Yeah, not so much.

It seems all the houses that I like are either on a busy street, sex offender adjacent, have no yard, in the one elementary school district that is bad, etc. It has almost become a joke, if I like the house, the location must be a problem. We have finally found one that we like, can afford, and in a good area, but we can not get into for a month after our house closes. So we are going to be homeless for a month.

So for a month, I will be living with 3 kids, ages 2, 5, 7 in a 2 bedroom apartment with my husband and our dog. My husband will be working from home, so I have to keep everyone quiet. I haven't decided the best solution for this, muzzles perhaps?

I suppose the kids and I will explore every park, McDonalds Playland, museum, and zoo in the great Chicagoland area!

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