Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is the siding coming?

The truck is scheduled to arrive in 10 days. The count down is on. My 7 year old is concerned about leaving his friends and all the change that is coming down the pike. My 2 year old is clueless. She just dances around and plays with her toys. Her pack? I don't think so!

But, my 5 year old, he is very concerned about what is coming with us. We look at the virtual tour of the house almost daily so he can see his room and the playroom where his toys will be.

"Mom, why do Mac-y and Hannah have beds in their rooms? My room is just empty?" Says Sam.

"All the furniture in the new house will be gone when we get there sweetie."

"But Mom, where is our furniture going?"

"It is going into storage for a month and then the truck will bring it to our new house."

"Are the men taking our beds?"

"Yes," I say getting exasperated with the daily questions about what is coming and what is staying.

"Are they taking the stuff on the side of the house?"

"Yes, sweetie, they are taking your toys from the side of the house," I say, as I start to walk out of the room.

"No Mommy, the plastic stuff on the outside of the house."

"You mean the siding? No, that stays, our new house will have siding."

"But Mommy our new house has bricks."

Leave it to a 5 year old to state the obvious.

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